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Art Direction

Integrated Design

3D & 2D Concept Art

Motion Graphics

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HonEstS Reviews


Jerry Chu 

Microsoft Director of Licensing

I've had the pleasure of working with Julio on a number of projects. His creative vision combined with an infectious enthusiasm to explore, communicate, and collaborate often resulted in timely and effective executions. Julio is well versed in the latest technologies and trends, utilizing this understanding to increase his productive capabilities. He wholeheartedly shares his experience and knowledge with his co-workers, creating strong support around him, but most importantly he builds a trust with those he works with. Julio would be an asset to any organization


Joel Capelletto

Nebula Game Studios

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Julio while I was at the Coalition. One of my highlights of working at the Coalition, were the times I would talk design with him, he taught me an incredible amount. He has an very sharp, creative, and unique design oriented mind. He is the kind of designer that brings a ton of knowledge to the table, but also brings it in a unique way that only he could. See less


Xabi Liceaga

Creative Director - Publicis Emil

Julio is a great art director and a very special creative mind, with a out of the box way of thinking. He is a great artist, and he will definitely find a different way to solve the problem.

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