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I’m passionate about creative use of technology, and sociology to make experiences that effectively speak to people, with mindfulness for who they are, where they come from, and where they want to be.

Integrated Art Director

Multimedia Creative 2D/3D/Interactive/Motion Designer

Concept Artist

UX/UI Specialist



I’m an Art Director, Multidisciplinary Designer, Concept Artist, Motion Designer & UX/UI Specialist with a background in digital and integrated media, advertising, experiential marketing, interactive, Immersive experiences, videogames, esports, and product design. My expertise extends across traditional, digital and interactive media for brands and clients of diverse requirements. I've worked with teams of varying size and structure, integrating assets while overseeing design and product quality, delivering growth from concept to release.

As a creative problem solver, I aim to generate solutions that are tasteful, pragmatic and expandable. Each project I meet with it’s own design process as I shape business objectives into positive results.

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Brand Experience

Microsoft | Samsung | Sony | Bacardi | Unilever | BMW | Nestle | NHL | AXE (Lynx) | Revlon | HBO | Lincoln | Marlboro | PEPSICO | Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Gears of War 4 | Gears of War 5 | Gears Esports | Ben & Jerry’s | Gerber | Revlon | Knorr | Scribe | Starbucks | Puma | Hellmann’s | Staples | 3M | FCV Interactive | NGX Interactive | Movistar | Ades |Holanda | Pacifico | Idea Rebel | Mobidia | Lead2Action | Sedal | THE MIX

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