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Simpson's Tazos

A digital cross-platform experience that made a multigenerational social game into a mobile-focused platform for sharing and playing.

Tazos -known as Pogs in North America- are playing discs with a massive following in Latin America amongst generations(decades) of collectors and players of the social competitive games they're used for. The generation of 2013 was launched with The Simpsons license, so Pepsico wanted to accompany it with a digital  experience that made more out of playing and collecting tazos.


Digital Art director, Digital Designer, Concept Artist, UI & UX Designer, Illustrator, Creative Director.


A mobile focused cross platform app through which tazo players and collectors could digitize(scan) their tazos through AR. The digitized tazos could be used for games that were periodically added to the Tazo Digitization App. Sharing collections and playing games was also incentivized with special rewards, prizes and playable goodies for collectors. The app was made for Android, IOS, tablets, and web with special AR functionalities in games limited to mobile devices. The app was also a direct 24-7 link for PEPSICO with their audience in Tazos wide age demographic.

Mobile Ui & UX


Prototyping &


Original UI Art & Illustration

There were special limitations for the campaign, most specifically, not being able to use any official The Simpsons Springfield or character art outside of the tazos. This was solved through extensive research of The Simpsons license, so that I could illustrate original UI assets, and campaign elements that felt like they were part of The Simpsons Universe.

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