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What's Your Idea?

A digital ecosystem that invites and inspires creativity.

Scribe, the largest paper and office supplies company in LATAM wanted to create a branded experience that represented their values and what they offer and help in their consumer's lives.


Digital Art director, Digital Designer, Concept Artist, Branding Designer, UI/UX,


A multi platform mobile device and installation-based experience through which common people could easily make a creature by shifting and combining animal and object parts on touch-based interfaces.

The 3 most creative "creature makers" would be rewarded by the brand with the opportunity to learn and develop their creativity by traveling to 3 unique places around the world.

Alternate Interfaces

Illustration & Concept Art

Original illustrations hand made and digitized with imagery inspired on the brand's mascots.


The campaign grew to involve public art and participation by up an coming artists.

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